Monthly Events

Keep up to date with Community Outreach Events


JPS Health Network will participate in the following events during the month of June.


Event Name: Community Health Fair
Date: 6/1/19
Time: 11am
Location: Gateway Apartments
                  2500 South Watson
                  Arlington, TX 76014
JPS Team Onsite: Geriatrics Team


Event Name: 60 & Better Healthy Aging Symposium
Date: 6/4/19
Time: 1pm
Location: TCC Trinity River Campus
                  300 Trinity Campus Circle
                  Fort Worth, TX 76102
JPS Team Onsite: LeeAnn Franklin


Event Name: Early Stage Alzheimer's Support Group Presentation
Date: 6/6/19
Time: 10am
Location: First Presbyterian Church
                  1000 Penn Street
                  Fort Worth, TX 76107
JPS Team Onsite: Mary Ann Contreras (Trauma Manager)


Event Name: Depression In Older Adults Talk
Date: 6/21/19
Time: 10am
Location: The Magnolia in Arlington
                  709 Magnolia Street
                  Arlington, TX 76012
JPS Team Onsite: Behavioral Health Team


Event Name: Diabetes Tour de Cure
Date: 6/22/19
Time: 6am - 3pm
Location: Panther Island Pavilion
                  395 Purcey Street
                  Fort Worth, TX 76102
JPS Team Onsite: Nutritional Department


Event Name: 40th Annual National Crusade for Christ 2019
Date: 6/22/19
Time: 10am - 2pm
Location: Southside Church of Christ
                  2101 Hemphill Street
                  Fort Worth, TX 76110
JPS Team Onsite: School-Based Centers Teams