Unique Aspects of the Program

JPS Health Network has a Podiatric Medical & Surgical Residency Program 36 months (PM&S – 36). Currently two residents per year are accepted. The program was established at John Peter Smith Hospital in 1991. It began as a one year program and has evolved into its current status as of 2005.

The department of Orthopedics and Division of Foot and Ankle Surgery educates residents who, upon completion of three year training, will exhibit the knowledge and psychomotor skills equivalent to an orthopedic surgeon fellowship trained in foot and ankle surgery. The goal of the PGY-1 year is to prepare the resident for two years of intensive training in patient care as well as foot and ankle surgery.

The PGY-1 year is spent on six months in Podiatry and six months on rotations with other services. The PGY-2 year is spent almost exclusively with the Podiatry Service. The PGY-3 year is spent rotating between podiatric and orthopaedic surgeons specializing in foot and ankle. The third year resident is in charge of all schedules, surgical scheduling, coding of clinics and surgeries and overseeing the junior residents and medical students.

For further information on the podiatry program or other programs visit www.AACPM.org.  For further information on the Standards, Requirements, and Procedures for the PMSR/RRA please visit www.CPME.org.