Integrated Healthcare

JPS Health Network understands that not all people who need or want behavioral health support receive it from a psychiatrist. There is a relationship between your mental health and your physical health and we view physical and emotional health as interrelated elements of the whole person. In an effort to reach more individuals, improve access to behavioral healthcare and improve care coordination, we have begun to integrate behavioral health into our primary care clinics. Integrating behavioral health services into the primary care medical home ensures that patients receive whole-person care regardless of the acuity of their behavioral health needs relative to their medical needs. This includes the use of depression screening for patients who may be at higher risk for depression, as well as improving outcomes and quality of care through the use of evidence-based clinical guidelines for treatment of behavioral health conditions in primary care settings. We have embedded behavioral health specialists that are available to assist with solution-focused brief counseling, case conferencing and consultation between providers as needed. These specialists also assist with coordinating care between behavioral health and primary care teams to make sure our patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Our behavioral health specialists work side by side with primary care providers to offer support, assist with patient needs and manage referrals and consultation needs as necessary.

Integrated behavioral health services include:

  • Depression screening
  • Brief, solution focused counseling services in primary care settings as needed
  • Behavioral health assessments as needed
  • Information and referral assistance
  • General information about various mental illnesses and tools to assist with determining an appropriate diagnosis
  • Treatment planning that includes behavioral health goals and education for patients with behavioral health issues
  • Care coordination with providers and patients who are referred between behavioral health and primary care

A partnership with medical and behavioral health professionals can lead to more efficient and effective care and improved outcomes. We are proud to offer behavioral health services in an integrated approach as we continuously work to improve the care we give to our patients.